Expedition Update - Visions' 14

VISIONS' 14 Expedition

Completing the construction of the Regional Scale Nodes cabled ocean observatory

For just over 12 weeks, we were out at sea on-board the R/V Thomas G. Thompson with the University of Washington (UW) for the VISIONS '14 expedition which ran from the 13th of July to October 6th, 2014. For the third year, our role was to install the secondary infrastructure of the OOI Regional Scale Nodes cabled ocean observatory with the UW Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) team of oceanographers and engineers. On all fronts, this expedition was a resounding success which marked the transition between RSN's construction to its operation and maintenance. As always, CSSF and its staff enjoyed the many challenges brought forward by this ambitious project.

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Expedition Update - Visions 13

Credit: OOI/RSN/UW

As with all good things the OOI/RSN/UW Visions’ 13 expedition has now come to an end. This challenging cabled observatory expedition went very well and some highlights of the expedition included:

  • Over 22,000m of fibre optic extension cables on seafloor – all tested and functional.
  • Three medium powered junction boxes – all tested and functional.
  • Four short-period seismometers at Axial – all tested and functional.
  • And many more…

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