Credit: OOI/RSN/UW

As with all good things the OOI/RSN/UW Visions’ 13 expedition has now come to an end. This challenging cabled observatory expedition went very well and some highlights of the expedition included:

  • Over 22,000m of fibre optic extension cables on seafloor – all tested and functional.
  • Three medium powered junction boxes – all tested and functional.
  • Four short-period seismometers at Axial – all tested and functional.
  • And many more…

We hope you were able to follow us live but, if not, the expedition website has a wealth of information on the project and what was accomplished.  It was a privilege to work with the OOI/RSN/UW team and we look forward to the opportunity to help them again as they continue to develop, install and maintain their cutting edge cabled ocean observatory.

For ROPOS, the "season" continues and we are now working on the final details to interface the ROPOS ROV and its many sub-systems to the RV Falkor for our first expedition on the Schmidt Ocean Institute's ship. Starting on September 1st we will take part in a month long expedition which will consist of two separate legs titled “Open Ocean to Inner Sea” and “Subseafloor Microbial Ecosystems at Axial Seamount”.

For more details on the RV Falkor, the Schmidt Ocean Institute, as well as daily cruise updates you can visit their website.

Image credit: OOI/RSN
Creative Commons License