5000m Configuration

5000m Configuration

Currently Decommissioned

In its deepest configuration, ROPOS used a cage tether management system (TMS) which was fitted with 300 m of synthetic tether. The cage could be lowered down to 5000 m through the ship's A-frame using our deep winch and its armored umbilical. Primarily due to cost and a lack of demand for this configuration, it could not be included in our 2005 refit.

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4000m Configuration

4000 m Configuration

Unlock all of ROPOS' capabilities

In its flagship configuration, ROPOS is a free-flying vehicle which uses an armored umbilical and is deployed through a crane-based Launch and Recovery System (LARS) that provides a safe and efficient deployment system for the vehicle.

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1000m Configuration

1000m Configuration

Perfect for smaller vessels and coastal waters

In it's "shallow" configuration, ROPOS is a free-flying vehicle which uses a synthetic tether in order to dive up to 1000 metres. Available at a lower cost than the 3000m configuration, its small footprint, "light" weight, and neutral tether make it an ideal configuration on small vessels and for coastal operations.

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