The ROPOS team completed a short but very busy expedition onboard the CCGS John P. Tully for Ocean Networks Canada (ONC). The expedition, named Wiring the Abyss 2014, focused on the maintenance of ONC’s deepest Northeast Pacific observatories: Endeavour (2300m), Clayoquot Slope (1250m), and Cascadia Basin (2660m).

During the 6 days onsite, ROPOS accomplished more than 52 maintenance and sampling objectives in 6 dives and a total of 106 diving hours. To increase efficiency, the ONC team often utilized all available space on ROPOS as well as the through-frame lift tool basket to deploy and recover several sensors and samples in a single dive.

For more information on this cruise, please visit Ocean Network Canada’s expedition website and their Flickr gallery. Dive video is also available through their SeaTube web app (requires registration).