Expedition Update - Visions 13

Credit: OOI/RSN/UW

As with all good things the OOI/RSN/UW Visions’ 13 expedition has now come to an end. This challenging cabled observatory expedition went very well and some highlights of the expedition included:

  • Over 22,000m of fibre optic extension cables on seafloor – all tested and functional.
  • Three medium powered junction boxes – all tested and functional.
  • Four short-period seismometers at Axial – all tested and functional.
  • And many more…

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CSSF helps find and recover crashed arctic helicopter

On September 9th 2013, the CCGS Amundsen’s helicopter crashed taking the life of all 3 of its occupants. While we understand the arctic to be a dangerous place this terrible event sent shockwaves through our team. We have been working with the Amundsen and the ArcticNet team since 2007 and were glad to be able to answer their call for assistance for the impromptu search and recovery expedition by sending two of our pilots from the R/V Falkor expedition to the CCGS Amundsen to operate the ArcticNet’s Sub-Atlantic Super Mohawk ROV and to provide expertise on these difficult operations.

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